Thursday, January 10, 2013

Preview of the Valentines Day Nail Art Challenge Schedule

I know...I know...its way to early but I couldnt help myself. 
I have only psuedo-participated in a Christmas Nail Art Challenge and loved it!!
I was trolling around to see if anyone had posted a Valentines Day Nail Art schedule and couldnt find one...bummer. 
But then I thought...."why the heck cant I make my own?"
I dont know the protocol on properly making or "joining" a challenge so I'm going to open it up to whoever wants to participate.  Tag my user name on Instagram (@lovelylacqueredlife or @ezzimcgee) or email me a pic/blog link and ill be sure to list you in my posts so other people can check it out!


  1. Count me in, Erin! I'd love to join in on the challenge... I have already started stockpiling way too many Valentine's Day lacquers. :)

    1. Thanks Elena!! I felt a little silly putting a schedule out so early, but I'm glad your as excited as I am. Be sure to send me a link/email/tag on instagram so I can see your nails and repost here!

    2. instagram is the one thing I don't do... I have my Twitter account and of course my blog... hmm... any thoughts? of course I would link and tweet to both... it is never to early to plan for a challenge :)

  2. I don't have an Instagram account, will email you the link def taking part in this fun challenge. Thanks Elena for letting me know about this fun challenge. ♥