Saturday, January 26, 2013

Color Club Halo Hues 2013!!!

Color Club has released  a new set of Halo Hues for 2013 and
they are even more dreamy than the first set.
 The 2013 set has a jewel toned base color vs. the 2012 pastel base color.
The first set was gorgeous, but I prefer this one mainly because I can actually tell what the base color is supposed to be.
As a warning this will be a long post so I can show you all the colors in one post.
(sorry in advance for my cuticles. Crazy weather and constant preventative illness handwashing has done a number on them)
 Without further ado....
Miss Bliss
Miss Bliss is a dusty rose pink
Eternal Beauty
 Eternal Beauty is a gorgeous royal purple.  

 Kismet is a light sage green.  
Cosmic Fate
 Cosmic Fate is a beautiful copper/gold.
This is a perfect color for a natural/nude mani with a little extra flare....spectraflare that is!
Over the Moon
 Over the Moon is a bright sea blue.  This is the color I was most excited about in this collection, and I'm certainly not's gorgeous.  I'm a sucker for blue and green polishes.
 Beyond is the blackest holographic polish that I have seen.  Usually black holos are really just dark grey, but this one is perfect.  I see this being used in some galaxy mani's in the future.  This one does stain in removal.

When I saw that there was going to be a black in this collection I wondered how it would compare to Color Club's Revvolution (2009). Well here ya go....
You can tell just by looking at the bottles side by side that Revvolution has more silver and less fire than Beyond.  On the nail this difference is much more noticeable. Beyond, as well as the rest of the collection, must be made with a finer particle of holographic pigment.  They are both beautiful despite their differences.
For all of these photos I used 2 coats of each polish and 1 coat of top coat (no base).  The first coat goes on nice a smooth and dries very quickly.  The second coat is where you need to be careful.  I found that this polish does not like to be over-brushed.  It is very easy to brush a bald spot or dent in both coats of polish.  I recommend that you use as few strokes as possible when using this polish (2 to 3 if you can).  I am super impressed with the colors and the fire that these Halo Hues have.  They sparkle and glow even in low light.  I promise you will be looking at your nails constantly. 
 I'm not sure when these will be available in stores (if they aren't already), but I know you can find the full sets on eBay.  Stay tuned for some nail art with these beauties.


  1. These are all gorgeous!
    I think I like over the moon the most though!

  2. I am drooling! I just picked up this set as well. Sadly I never saw the first collection in my area of Canada-Land :( Your Swatches are flawless!

    1. Aww...thanks Karen! Glad you grabbed a set. You won't regret it.