Monday, January 21, 2013

Pink and Nude Gradient Mani (with easy cleanup?)

Remember how in my DIY Peel off Base Coat post I mentioned
that I would see if the glue helped in the cleanup process of a sponged gradient mani?
Well, I did....and it does!  Last week Sam from The Nailasaurus did a post on
Liquid Palisade, which is a masking product that allows you to simply peel off the mess after a mani is done.  This got me thinking...its pretty much the same idea of a peel off base coat which is really just glue.  Who didn't enjoy putting glue on your hand and peeling it off as a kid?

Anywho, I tried this technique this weekend by painting all around my cuticle and down my finger a bit (where I usually have mess from a sponge gradient).
After I let it dry (1-5 min) I painted as usual and then the fun began.
The mess just peeled away!  All I had to do was alittle cuticle clean up at the end and maybe a little warm water clean up to get any glue residue off.  Plus I got the added fun of peeling glue.
I have also read that Liquid Latex is a cheap alternative to Liquid Palisade.
Both dry to a rubbery finish, which I'm sure makes it easier to peel than glue, except that Liquid Latex is just pennies compared to Liquid Palisade.  I found this option on Amazon and it comes with a brush for around $4+shipping (around $8 total).  That's much better than $22. 
But if you don't want to spend any extra and you have some Elmers glue hanging around...go for it.  It works just as good!
Here is my finished mani.  My base was OPI "Don't Pretzel My Buttons" combined with a coral and hot pink from Sinful Colors for the gradient (dont remember the names at the  moment).  For grins I added a coat of Orly "Too Fab" mainly because I'm a little obsessed with the way it looks on top of everything.


  1. Your gradients are stunning... what a great tip for clean up, too! Amazing!!!

  2. Awesome idea with the glue! I will try it out asap! =)
    And that gradient is beautiful, love it!

  3. Good Idea!

  4. Good Idea!