Thursday, January 17, 2013

DIY Peel Off Base Coat

This is by no means an original idea.  DIY peel off base coat instructions
have been floating around the nail blogosphere for a while, but I figured
I may as well document how I made mine.
You will need White school glue (the main ingredient in "peel off base coats") and an empty nail polish bottle.  If you don't have an empty you can empty a regular np bottle and swish acetone around in it till its clean.

Step 1: Fill bottle with glue

Step 2:  Enjoy!!

When you are ready to paint your nails with glitter just paint a thin coat of glue on your nails as a base coat, let it dry and apply polish as usual.  That's it!!  
When you are ready to peel off your glitter, gently push it up at the cuticle and peel it off. 
*Usually it peels off in big chunks, but the polish was fresh and just barely dried when I peeled it off.  There will be little to no clean up afterwards....and a lot less wasted time, remover, and cotton pads.  I think am going to try this approach next time I do a sponge gradient, but paint glue all around my cuticles/finger so that i can just peel off the mess and have a clean gradient...hmmm.

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