Monday, January 14, 2013

Mermaid Mani (with Gals plates mini review)

Today I wanted to show you a mani I did this weekend.
If you follow my instagram (@ezzimcgee) im sure you have already seen it.
Here is a run down of what I used.
Whenever I do gradient sponge mani's I try really hard to start with 3-4 colors that naturally blend together...even if you cant tell there are 4 colors at the end.  I started with 1 coat of Sally Hansen Lickedy Split Lime and then sponged the 4 colors (listed in pic) about three times on each finger (you can do at least 2 fingers per sponge refresh), followed by 2 coats of Northern Lights to give it some sparkle.  Perhaps I'll do a video tutorial one of these days.
I dont know about you but blues and greens always make me think of mermaids...which made me think of my new Gals 2013 Princess plates (by Cheeky) and the fish scale print on plate GA14.  After reading some reviews I was hesitant to get these plates bc everyone had said the images were small.  They were right.  The normal Cheeky plates I have no problem with size, etc.  However, these are smaller length wise...and its mainly because the half-moon they are adding to the full nail images.  More on that later.  I stamped the scale image with Revlon 24K and used my favorite quick dry top coat - Sally Hansen Insta-Dri.  Also pictured is my fav base coat - Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps Acrylic Gel (keeps them strong) and Sally Hansen's new "Dry & Go Drops." The Insta-Dri top coat works just as fast a Seche Vite in my opinion just without the shrinkage, and the Dry & Go drops help speed things along.  I was able to paint my nails, put on top coat and drops and then get dressed 5 min later.  Worth it!!
On to the nails!
  I mentioned earlier that the Gals plate are short.  This pattern is not the best to demonstrate this but if you look on my middle and ring finger you might be able to see where the image cut off too short at the tip...and doesnt hit the base of my nail.  The full image really only fit my my pinkie....I didnt even attempt to stamp my thumbs.  If you have long nail beds like I do and keep any length at all you will have a problem with the short images.  On my left hand, currently all shortys (chain of successive breaks) I was able to get the full image, but just barely.  Had they not added the half-moons...or made the image longer and then added the half-moons they would be perfect.  That being said all the plates stamp crisp and clear.  I have not purchased the "Fairy" set yet, still on the fence.  Let me know what you think!!


  1. Flawless gradient and stamping! Aqua & lime are my two favorite colors so I am kind of obsessed with this manicure. Amazing job!!!

    1. Thanks so much Elena!! I had to take it off last night because it was chipping pretty bad (housework=mani's worst enemy) and I almost cried. Needless to say I will duplicate that mani many times...and hopefully take better pictures!