Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Mani....a little late

Oh boy am I behind on everything.  Life has been busy to say the least...forgive me.
I know its a little late, but here is a quick post to show you my Easter mani.
Both hands! I decided to do bunnies on one hand and chicks and Easter eggs on my left.
I started with a gradient base using Sally Hansen Blue-Away and Lickedy-Split Lime, then stamped some grass using Mint Sprint and Bunny Nails HD-B.
I used the Bunny Nails HD-B plate for the small bunnies and Easter eggs as well.  The big bunnies were done free hand with Sally Hansen Whirlwind White, Flashy Fuchsia and Black Out.  The chicks were done free hand with Lightning and a shimmery orange from Pure Ice (name escapes me). For some extra flare I put some pink flower rhinestones.

I really wanted to do multiple Easter mani's but the weekend got busy with house stuff and a sick hubby.  Stay tuned for my first April Autism Awareness mani!

Happy belated Easter y'all.


  1. I adore those ones! I love bunnies images too and I find your style so colorful and sweet :)

  2. So darn CUTE!!! :D You are one talented lady!