Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentines Day Nail Art Challenge Day 3 - Girly Gradient

I was looking forward to today's challenge.  I fell in love with the gradient technique a little while ago and will do it anytime I get a chance.  The only thing that was stopping me from doing it more often was the clean up process.  Well, not anymore....more on that later.
On to today's challenge - The Girly Gradient!!
What do you think?  This screams girl and valentines day.
A couple of weeks ago I showed you my expirement using glue around my cuticles to make the clean-up process easier with sponged gradients...which worked.  But I also mentioned that I had heard Liquid Latex was even better (the cheap version of Liquid Palisade) and that I would give it a try.  Man...let me tell you this is 10x better than using glue. 

Here is the little short video I put up on Vine last night showing how easy it is to "clean up" (vine user name is ezzi if you want to find and follow).
I used Sally Hansen White On as a base and sponged a combo of Sally Hansen Rapid Red, Urban Outfitters Hot Tub, Sally Hansen Rose Rush and White On and a coat of Northern Lights (not pictured).  Before I started sponging I brushed a thin coat of Liquid Latex around my cuticles (anywhere it gets messy) and it made this mani so much easier.  Virtually no clean up!!  It takes a little patience to get it brushed neatly and not on the nail itself, but totally worth it in the time it saves in clean up.  I bought this little bottle here and it will probably last me forever (about half as much as Liquid Palisade for twice as much...yes please!).
I also stamped a quick heart using a BM plate and Konad white (didn't stamp well for some reason..but it cant always be perfect) and added a little rhinestone heart for a little extra sparkle!

Please go check out the other participants of this challenge and share the love!
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If you want to play along leave me a comment and I'll be sure to link you in my next post!!


  1. REALLY lovely gradient ! I wish I could get it so neatly done ! The liquid latex does look like it makes the job easier , will have to look into it too. :) ♥

  2. You are the Queen of the Gradient *bows down* Amazing, perfect, and of course...lovely!