Sunday, October 28, 2012

Special effects top coats - just for funzies

so after doing the swatches of L'Oreal "The Muse's Attitude" I decided 
to slap on some special effect top coats just for fun.

left to right:  Pretty Me Polish SpectraFlair Topcoat, Pure Ice "Oh Baby!", Pure Ice "Mint Dream", and Sally Hansen "Disco Ball"

Disco Ball - is a clear base with scattered silver and holo glitter - I've had it a while 
Mint Dream - is a pearl iridescent that is very sheer and just lightened things up a bit 
Oh Baby! - is a sheer pearl base with blue and green glass flecks that add a subtle sparkle
SpectraFlair - this is a gorgeous clear holo top coat (looks silver...but not) looks good over any polish - bought on here on etsy

sorry for the not so great photos.  my camera was misplaced after a roadtrip last weekend. 
more swatches coming up tomorrow.

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